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Terms & Conditions


Seller means JPM Global Ltd or its stated Principal when trading as an agent.

Buyer means the person, firm or company who places and order with the seller for the supply of goods.

Goods means the product supplied or to be supplied by the seller.

Order means the buyers acceptance for the goods, usually confirmed by a purchase order, accepting the sellers offer/quotation and conditions.


All prices are quoted in a stated currency and will include delivery terms. Any order placed will be confirmed by return and the buyer should check the confirmation and advise the seller of any query prior to despatch/shipment.


Delivery/shipment dates at order confirmation are the expected date and can vary due to circumstances beyond our control. Any costs incurred for such delays are not the responsibility of the seller.


Payment terms will be clearly stated at the time any order is confirmed. Due dates for payment must be strictly adhered to. Any costs incurred by the seller for the collection of late payments will be for the buyer. The property and legal title to the goods shall not pass to the buyer until all sums due to the sellers account have been paid.


Any cancellation of an order must be advised prior to any preparation for the goods to be despatched. The seller reserves the right to make a charge to the buyer for any consequential costs incurred by the cancellation.


After the receipt of the goods the buyer has 7 days to advise the seller of any claim arising and must provide full details of what the claim relates to. The claim will be given due consideration and an approved solution reached. If the claim is upheld any costs incurred by the buyer for delays in production, installation etc are not for the sellers account.


All purchases are made under these Terms and Conditions unless specifically stated as Special Conditions within the sellers quotation/offer. Any other terms not included in the above, that need covering, must be advised at the time of the sale being negotiated.


Timber is a natural product and will contain variances in its colour, grain, density and characteristics. Buyers should be aware of these variations and allow for them when making a purchase. Small samples, product guides and photographs of species and products should only be used as a guide and not as a true reflection of every pieces produced.