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European Hardwood Species

We have the 3 main commercially available species to offer;


From 26-100mm in thickness across varying grades and specifications we can cover most requirements in this species.

All stock is kiln dried and ready to use as soon as it arrives at its destination.

All of productions come with FSC® certification as standard.


From the highest Prime grade (3-4 faces clear), through Joinery and Cabinet grades to Rustic and Character grades, we can offer most combinations required in this valuable species.

As with the Beech we have 26-100mm to offer and all stock is kiln dried and FSC® certified.


Demand for this species continues to grow and we are well placed to offer high end selected for white grades all the way through to unselected for colour grades that can be used to stain or paint. All thicknesses are readily available with the 50mm for frames the major stock item. FSC® certification is standard and all stock is kiln dried at source.

Other species also available on request include Sycamore, Lime, Chestnut, Walnut, Elm and Poplar.