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Environmental Statement

At JPM Global we are committed to purchasing only timber products that have the required environmental credentials.

We will only work with suppliers who give us proof that their sources are both legal and sustainable.

All our suppliers must respect the national laws in the country of origin and the rights and lifestyles of local people.

The company is FSC® certified – our chain of custody number is NC-COC-026801 – which is managed under the CATG Group Scheme.

We monitor all our suppliers for compliance with EUTR legislation (2013) and where applicable other international legalities.

We perform a risk assessment on all suppliers prior to any orders being placed and will continue to monitor and record details of each shipment made.

This will ensure the risk of illegally sourced timber entering the supply chain is mitigated.

When you trade with us you can be sure that you are are buying a product from a reputable supplier.

All our suppliers have taken responsibility to ensure that the timber procured – from a valuable, natural and renewable resource – has been produced sustainably and legally both now and for the future.

A copy of our FSC® certificate is available to download here.
If you require any further information please contact us on info@jpmglobal.co.uk